Professional software consulting

Getting from an idea to a final product is hard, we can help you move forward at any stage of the process.
Our advice is backed by more than twenty years of experience working in a multitude of projects and industries.

Our vision

Trentosur is a consulting company built around three fundamental and interrelated values.


We strive to deliver the best quality, considering quality as a process and not only as an attribute of the final product.

By being involved in so many projects we adopted a proven methodology that provides qualitative results and, if needed, can adapt to the existing quality processes of our customers.


Throughout the lifetime of the relation with our customers (or even prospects) we provide honest and transparent information, so all parties can have real expectations and act as early as possible if necessary.

Communication is a cornerstone in the success of any project, and for that a fluid feeback-loop is mandatory.


We do software development as a crafted art, so for us aesthetics don't stop at graphics design but also comprehends good software design, a well-specified and clear documents and many other artifacts involved.

When things look but also feel good it is easy to notice but hard to tell why; that's aesthetics at play.


What we do

A summary of the different things we've been doing for past and existing customers.

Project Evaluation

We can help you identifying the requirements, design objectives and acceptance criteria for a product or software-intensive system while validating the comprehensiveness of a requirements definition and establishing measures of quality characteristics in support of these activities.

By doing this our customers have saved lots of money and resources, either by selecting the best solution for them or by avoiding an unnecessary or superfluous system upgrade that involved new training, integrations and other unseen side effects.

Software maintenance

Working software is never dead, and can be useful and profitable for a longer period than it is commonly believed, but there must be balance between the "if ain't broke don't fix it" and keeping it up to date in requirements and/or expectations that require continuous improvements.

As long your software uses a technology we have experience with, we can help you adding features, extending it, or integrating a new solution with it without having to throw everything away.

Custom software development

If you have particular software needs that no existing product can fulfill, or not in a way that complies with your acceptance criteria, we can help building it.

We have done it for several customers, and although the upfront costs of building something on your own can be higher than buying off-she-shelf solutions, the quality and uniqueness of the custom development can give your company a significant advantage, with the added benefit of having a system that fits perfectly with your processes and needs.

About us

Meet Our Expert

Trentosur is a consulting company led by Esteban A Maringolo, its founder, owner and main consultant, whom vision and values are these of the company.

For projects or customers needing a larger team or different skills we collaborate a network of individuals and company partners that help us stay small and flexible but also scalable when needed.